Kalani -

Boxer Mix from Sacramento to Kailua Kona, January 2019

I finally got my dog to Hawaii thanks to Ruth at Akona Pet!!!!
Ruth was very helpful, answered all my questions, in a timely manner, and truly was a delight to work with.  Kalani was not going to be able to go to Hawaii, she was on the no-flight list (Boxer-mix). But, with Ruth's help she got there. Thanks again, for making this impossible task, possible.

​Auble Family

Oreo -

Chihuahua from San Jose, CA t Maui, March 2015

Thank you so much for all the help and insights you provided through the process of moving
my dog Oreo to Maui with me. We could not have done it without you. Here is a picture of us
in Kahului. - Kim Johnson ​

Choco Vinson -

Sacramento, CA to Kona

"Thank you for everything you did for us. Choco is healthy and happy and ready for the island life. We are extremely grateful that AkonaPet was there to help us bring him to his new home."


Zayne -

Pit Bull Mix from Detroit to Honolulu, February 2015

I moved to Hawaii a year ago, but without my sweet boy, Zayne, Hawaii just wasn't’
home. I researched for the right company to help me, as I couldn't bare missing a
deadline or detail regarding Hawaii Quarantine Direct Release requirements. I am sooo
thankful to have found AkonaPet to step in and take over. Ruth and Carolina were
helpful, sincere and thorough from my initial inquiry to the day of his arrival. They
answered all my questions (alllllll of them), made sure he was scheduled and on time
with his appointments, managed all of the many pages of paperwork, touched base
with me as needed and accepted my probably toooo many calls per week to check in.
I’m a nervous momma when it comes to my boy and Ruth was so patient and kind with
each call and email. The paperwork to the Animal Agriculture Department was on time,
organized and not with a single missing detail or issue. Ruth and Carolina made sure that
when the time came for me to pick him up, that it was smooth and seamless. Without
AkonaPet, I am positive the process would have left me stressed and undone. My boy
is home where he belongs and it is truly in thanks to AkonaPet.  I absolutely recommend
AkonaPet to anyone that has their baby traveling to Paradise.  Mahalo!!!! Peae Sanchez​

Ash Velada -

Phoenix, AZ to Waimea

"AkonaPet is definitely worth the money! With all the hassles and stress of the move, it was nice to know we did not have to worry about our dog. I'm not sure what we would have done without AkonaPet."

Rocky -

Boston Terrier from Los Angeles to Maui, September 2014

"I just wanted to let you know how thankful Briana and I are for your help getting Rocky to
Maui for our wedding. Quarantine at the airport was a breeze because you had filed all the
paperwork for us and Rocky got right through with no delay. Having our little man at our
wedding was a HUGE deal to us and I don't think without your help we could have made
this a reality." Rock had a blast in Hawaii! Thank you again, Peter & Briana.​

Baron Von Fluffy Bottom & Charlie Bucket - 

Kitties from North Carolina to Honolulu, October 2013

I don’t even know where to being in my praise of ALL involved with and associated with AkonaPet. So, let me begin here……. In March/April of this year, I decided to take my babies, Baron Von Fluffy (Bottom) and Charlie Bucket, with me to Hawaii, like I was going to leave them in Hawaii! Well, I googled what to do and it was like taking a Chemistry class, that was taught in another language! For  the life of me, I could not figure it out! Whilst in google, AkonaPet popped up! THANK GOD!!!!! Ruth and Carolina explained their company, process, fees and everything else that they do, to me. I had to do very little leg work on my end and they took care of all the rest! It was the easiest part of moving my life to Hawaii. Honestly, I could not of done ANY of this without AkonaPet. Their fees are inexpensive, as well as what they sell in their store. If you were to purchase their items anywhere else, expect to pay way more. The VERY reasonable fee they charge for their services takes away all stress and worry from messing anything up! Because of AkonaPet, my babies are coming with me and I am unable to praise AkonaPet enough…..my words just do not do them justice!

Mahalo and much love from me, Baron and Charlie!!!!!

Sparky Peterson -

Brighton, Co to Hilo

"Fortunately, we came in to contact with AkonaPet. Ruth Wyland and Mitch Wynn literally take your hand and provide you with all the information and deadlines and paperwork that you need. I take my hat off to AkonaPet and encourage people who need or want to relocate a pet to the islands to contact them."

Buddy -

Pug from Oakland, Ca to Kailua Kona, June 2015

Aloha! We had a great trip and "Budders" proved to be a master traveler! He slept
most of the flight. Going through quarantine was a breeze! Thank you for all you do.
Cynthia Regli ​

Max -
German Shepherd from Las Vegas to Hilo, December 2018

We got Max here safe and sound on time.You made the process very easy smooth. We will definitely use your service in future. Greatly appreciate your service and Mahalo.
Nam and Sonam 


Queen, Kandu and Doodle Blank -

Madison, MS to Laupoehoe

"Our trip went beautifully thanks to you. Every step of the travel for the dogs went without a hitch.
We were not a simple client, and I am so grateful that you were able to gracefully deal with all
our complications."

Shushu -

Kitty from Los Angeles to Maui, August 2018

AkonaPet's help in all of Shushu's move was spectacular. AkonaPet made it easy and provided great service at each step along the way. We couldn't have done it without you. thank you so very, very much. 

Jack and Michelle Grimes

Jaxson -
Poodle from Los Angeles to Honolulu, February 2019

Ruth at Akona pet made the process of bringing Jackson here seamless and flawless. I spoke with another pet owner when I came on the island. She had to put her dog in quarantine for four months. It is true that’s what happens when you don’t file the paperwork out correctly or get the proper vaccinations in the proper order etc. I highly recommend Ruth and her organization

Birdy -

Yorkie from Seattle to Maui, June 2015

I can't thank you enough for your assistance in helping me bring my Birdy to Maui!
AkonaPet was prompt and professional, and made the overwhelming amount of paperwork and procedures necessary for bringing a pet to Hawaii feel almost easy.
Erin Lodi 

Bart Adams - 

Newfoundland from Los Angeles to Kona, August 2013

"Bart has settled in just fine. We are very pleased with how smoothly the travel went,
 and how quickly we were on our way home after landing in Kona. We have referred
 AkonaPet to veterinarians in San Clemente and other pet families moving to Hawaii.

Jasmine -

Kitty from Vacaville, CA to Kailua Kona, July 2015

Thumbs Up! to AkonaPet. Moving Jasmine to Hawaii was a breeze with their help.
They were on top of every detail. I highly recommend them!
Jane Pinckney​

Posted on:

"Like BigIslandBum, we used AkonaPet to help us with the paperwork. Originally I was going to do the pet process on my own but the first thing I did cost me over $300 (booked with Airlines that wouldn't take our dogs). With AKonaPet doing all the logistics and paperwork, I was able to show up at the airport not nervous and very confident that my dogs wouldn't have to spend one minute in quarantine. That, in itself, was well worth the fee."

Meet some of AkonaPet's clients and read about their Three Steps to Paradise!

Patchouli & Kikochai Cohen - 

Kitties from San Francisco to Maui, September 2013

"Patchouli and Kikockai thank AkonaPet for all your hard work in making it possible for us to be
 on Maui."

"We used AkonaPet to handle all the paperwork and hassle as we had enough to deal with already. Worth every penny."

Scooter -

Corgi Mix from Los Angeles, CA to Honolulu, April 2015

AkonaPet made our move easy. The process was quick and well managed by everyone at
AkonaPet. We were in and out of the Hawaii Department of Agriculture Office in 5 minutes
and on our way to our new lives. Thank you so much for making our move stress free!
Aloha - Scooter and Family ​

Pet Owner Testimonials

Penny Arakaki - 

Chihuahua from Los Angeles to Hilo,July 2013

"We can't thank the AkonaPet team enough for their help! I was a nervous wreck getting everything in order, but AkonaPet made it easy for us! Every time I called with another questions, they answered clearly and put me at ease! Penny's move went so smoothly thanks to AkonaPet!"

China -

Kitty from Phoenix to Kona, July 2018

Thank you so much fo getting my kitty, China, from Phoenix AZ to Hawaii. Everything went so smooth at the airport and I was able to take her home after a 5 minute inspection. Well worth it to let AkonaPet handle all the details and make the trip stress free.

Cindy Martin

Kailey and Bailey -

Sheltie and Dachshund Mix from Chicago to Kailua Kona, July 2015

All went well...actually, better than well...no problems whatsoever! I have to say that AkonaPet did a great job for us. The paperwork you got organized for us worked 100% perfectly!
Jane Pinckney​

Cody -

GoldenDoodle from Montreal, Canada to Maui, September 2015

Cody on the way home from the Kahului Airport with his keiki.
AkonaPet offers an amazing service. Seriously, we could not have done this without you.
Motomura Family

Snickerdoodle - 

Dachshund from San Diego to Maui, October 2013

Snicky is here at last. Thank you so much for your service and all the help you gave me. Your
Company made the whole ordeal much easier.

Good job. Aloha, Janet and Snicky.