3 Steps to Paradise


Personal Service

Put our experience and personal contacts with the agencies and airlines involved with moving your pets to Hawaii to work for you. AkonaPet has “decoded” the information provided on Hawaii Animal Quarantine and airline pet travel websites for you to make the whole process transparent.

We are pleased to handle the entire process. We coordinate with you, directly with your veterinarian if you request, Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (KSVDL) for the rabies titer test (FAVN), and the Hawaiian Animal Quarantine Offices so all forms are submitted properly and on time. We make all pet travel arrangements with the airlines, transfers in Honolulu and appointments with veterinarians for direct release on neighbor islands.

Rabies Test and Certificates

AkonaPet starts by reviewing your pet's rabies certificates and advising you on the proper timing for FAVN testing. AkonaPet prepares the forms for test submission to the Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory so results are reported properly to the Hawaii Animal Quarantine Office. We can forward the forms and instructions directly to your veterinarian, or provide them to you to take to the veterinarian appointment.

Hawaii Animal Quarantine Direct Airport Release No Hawaii Quarantine Stay move pet to Hawaii

AkonaPet knows the deadlines for the various steps to meet the quarantine requirements in time for your trip. Forms will be properly prepared for you. All you do is sign them, have them notarized and return them to AkonaPet. We handle the rest and confirm that Quarantine Station Officers are ready to welcome your pet on arrival. 

Travel Arrangements

AkonaPet makes travel arrangements for your pet with its safety and comfort the priority. If your pet is traveling alone, we coordinate the reception of your pet at the Quarantine Station and the transfer to connecting flights using expert handlers in Honolulu.

Our "tried and true" tips will have your pet and its kennel prepared for pet airline travel. The AkonaPet Passport Kit  we provide to all clients contains everything necessary for your pet's kennel. You will know exactly what the airline requires and be ready for take off.

AkonaPet can also arrange for direct release on neighbor islands, or delivery to your home.