Pet Passport

This kit includes all items and labels necessary to prepare your pet's carrier to meet the highly specific federal agency guidelines (IATA, USDA, TSA) followed by airlines to accept pets for air travel. Illustrated instructions make it easy to properly prepare your pet's carrier with the following:

  1. Four Live Animal & One Shipper' Declaration Label That Meet USDA & IATA Regulations.
  2. One Crate Travel Document Pouch.
  3. Two Crate Pet Photo ID Labels.
  4. One Dry Food Pouch.
  5. One Travel Leash & Crate Attachment.
  6. Two Extra Absorbent Pads.
  7. Two Food and Water Cups.
  8. Releasable/Reusable Nylon Strap to Secure Door.
  9. One Personalized Anodized Metal Pet ID Tag.
  10. AkonaPet Dog or Cat Calming Spray. One ounce Travel Size (upon request).
  11. One AkonaPet Passport Folder  Individually Prepared With Pet Photo, Travel Documents, Airport and Quarantine Station Maps. 


Every item in this kit is vital to the SAFETY, SECURITY AND COMFORT of your pet while traveling in the carrier.

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