How far in advance of the move date should I start planning?

Three months.

How long will a pet be in quarantine?

AkonaPet guarantees immediate release upon arrival in Hawaii for clients following AkonaPet’s “Three Steps to Paradise” program. All Hawaii Quarantine Requirements will be met.

Can my pet fly in the passenger cabin with me?

In most cases, it is not allowed. There are some exceptions: service animals, and extremely limited flights which allow very small pets. Shipping a dog to Hawaii, or shipping a cat to Hawaii - making flight reservations frequently involves calling the airline Pet Booking Desks to determine if your pet's size and breed is accepted on flights. Let AkonaPet handle this arduous task for you.

What are common expenses associated with a pet move to Hawaii?

Veterinarian expenses, Hawaii Quarantine Inspection Fees, and pet shipping (air fare).

How much is pet air fare?

AkonaPet uses a formula which is based upon departure and arrival cities, type of pet, and the time of year. This formula calculates the best flights to assure your pet’s safety and fit your budget.

Must all expenses be paid up front?

No. When becoming an AkonaPet Three Steps to Paradise client, you will be informed of when these expenses will be incurred so you may budget for your move accordingly.

What is the multiple pet discount?
AkonaPet Service fees are discounted approximately 10% after the first pet.

Is there a military discount?

Yes. AkonaPet Service fees are discounted 10% for members of the military.

Can I do this myself?

Yes - Use AkonaPet's Do-It-Yourself Pet Move kit. Refer to the Pet Travel Store for details.

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