moving pets to hawaii

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AkonaPet helps in moving pets to Hawaii and books pet travel for all kinds of pets - not just cats and dogs.

Recent AkonaPet Arrivals is a sole proprietorship with offices in California and Hawaii.
It has no affiliation with any other company with a similar name.

Guaranteed Direct Airport Release

AkonaPet specializes in pet moves to Hawaii: 

  • Hawaii Animal Quarantine Direct Release Program requirements
  • Pet travel arrangements
  • PCS (Military Moves)
  • Service Animal and Emotional Support Animal Requirements

Put AkonaPet's experience and contacts  to work to remove any stress or uncertainty about your pet's move.​ AkonaPet has “decoded” information on Hawaii Animal Quarantine and airline websites for you to make the whole process transparent.

AkonaPet is a USDA licensed, and State of Hawaii registered handler..

Moving pets to Hawaii?

Just follow our simple 3 step plan and guidance, and soon you will be taking those...

         "3 Steps to Paradise"

AkonaPet guarantees your pet will be in your home the day it lands in Hawaii. We make the process very easy for you and your pets.